Types of Driving Lessons Provided

Here are just some of the various types of driving lessons we can provide:

  • No experience of driving
  • Limited experience of driving
  • Crash course / intensive tuition
  • Currently driving on an International Licence
  • Part way through your lessons & want a new instructor
  • Used to take lessons and stopped for whatever reason
  • Failed a test? Need a recap?
  • Driven for years on a provisional & never got round to taking a test
  • A particular type of driving giving you difficulty
  • Re-fresher lessons – passed your test a while ago & not driven since
  • Disqualified drivers

We shall tailor our tuition to your requirements, we understand that not everyone is the same & therefore varied tuition techniques are beneficial.

Please contact us with your query.

Contact details: Paul 07812-245349 / paul@drivemanchester.co.uk / Twitter – @drivemanchester / Instagram – drivemanchesterpaul